The Renown Overseas Unis E-Fair

Dont miss the rare opportunity to E-meet Renown Uni & Pathways Staff  exclusively

1 Week Sessions from Mon 8 June to Sat 13 June

Avoid Long Queue. Allows you to E-Meet Directly with Renown Unis Staff & get pre-assigned 15-30 mins slots

Limited slots. Strictly by appointment basis. Book Early to avoid disappointment

Have all your questions answered. Validity of Predicted UK A levels & IB results, Entry requirements, credit exemptions & scholarship eligibility

How the event works 

Participating Universities

Australian National University - World Top 30

University of New South Wales - World TOP 50

University of Bristol - World TOP 50

University of Nottingham - World Top 100

University of Birmingham - World Top 100

Uni of Southampton - World Top 100

Uni of Western Australia - World Top 100

University of Glasgow - World Top 100

University of Adelaide - Australia Group of 8

Uni of Liverpool - UK Russell Group

Queen Uni Belfast - UK Russell Group 

University of Exeter - UK Russell Group

Loughborough University (Sport Science, Engr, Art & Design, etc.)

University of Bath ( Architecture, Engr, Psychology, more)

Victoria University of Wellington (Law, Architecture, Engr & more)

Lancaster University (Business, Education, Sociology, more)

Macquarie Uni (Chiropractic, Commerce, Actuarial Sc & more)

Swinburne University of Technology (Architecture, Art & Design, etc)

RMIT Melbourne (Food Sc, Engr, Commerce, Design & more)

University of Sussex (Business, Media, Computing, more)

University of Dundee (Dentistry, Art & Design, Accounting & more)

Le Cordon Bleu (Culinary & Pastry Art, Hospitality)

University of Leicester (Engr, Biomed Sc, Int'l Relations & more)

University of Aberdeen (Engineering, Health Science, Business, etc.)

University of Sunderland (Art & Design, Hospitality & more)

Participating Pathways Institutions (Foundation | Int'l Year One)

Bellerbys College

INTO Partnership (Exeter, Manchester, Newcastle, UEA, QUB)

Kaplan Int'l College (Bristol, Nottingham, Glasgow, Queen Mary)

Uni of Sydney Foundation

Flinders Uni Int'l Study Centre

ANU College

UP Education (Auckland, UTAS, Swinburne, Victoria Uni Wellington)

Bring your results and apply for the spot. You may qualify for application fee waivers

Invite your friends & parents to join the session

Not sure how to start your overseas education process? Speak to our senior counsellors at the event

Many Renown Unis Staff will be available online from Mon 8 Jun to Sat 13 Jun (Mon-Fri 3-6pm) & (Sat 11.30-2.30pm) for E-Meet to discuss your education plan

Art & Design, Hospitality, etc.


3pm - 6pm



World TOP 100 Uni

Law, Engr, Business

Law, Architecture, Engr, Digital Media

World TOP 30 Uni

IT, Sc, Commerce

Business, Education, Sociology, etc.

World TOP 100 Uni

Engr, Sc, Nursing 

Schedule an appointment. Limited slots & prior booking is required

Law, Engr, Bus Fdn Sc IT, Arts & Design

Vet Science, Law, Chiropractic, etc.


3pm - 6pm



Sport Science,  Engr, Art & Design, etc.

Aus Group of 8 Uni

Vet Sc, Dentistry, Med

 Architecture, Engr, Psychology, etc.

Architecture, Art & Design, IT, etc.

Schedule an appointment. Limited slots & prior booking is required

Performing Arts, Mgt, IT, etc.

World TOP 50 Uni

Law, Engr, Biomed


3pm - 6pm



World TOP 50 Uni

Law, Engr, Biomed

Aus Group of 8 Uni

Vet Sc, Dentistry, Med

Food Sc, Engr,  Commerce, Design

Business, Media, Computing, etc.

Schedule an appointment. Limited slots & prior booking is required

Psychology, Media, Journalism, etc.

UK Russell Group Uni

Business, Computing


3pm - 6pm



World TOP 100 Uni

 Law, Engr, Food Sc

World TOP 100 Uni

up to A$15k scholarship

World TOP 100 Uni

Health Sc, Art, Engr

UK Russell Group Uni

Engr, Pharmacy, etc.

Schedule an appointment. Limited slots & prior booking is required

Culinary & Pastry Art, Hospitality


3pm - 6pm



World TOP 100 Uni

Law, Engr, Business

UK Russell Group Uni

Architecture, Engr, IT

Engineering, Health Science, Business

Dentistry, Art & Design, Accounting

Foundation to UTAS, Auckland, VUW, etc.

Schedule an appointment. Limited slots & prior booking is required

Taylors College - Fdn to USyd, UWA

World TOP 100 Uni

Engr, Sc, Nursing 

Fdn to Manchester, Exeter, Newcastle


11.30am - 2.30pm  



Engr, Biomed Sc, Int'l Relations, etc.

Schedule an appointment. Limited slots & prior booking is required

Cybersecurity, Finance, Computing

Food Sc, Engr,  Commerce, Design

Who should Attend

For High School IB or A Levels Students

Not sure if Predicted Grades can be used for 2020/21 intakes to get conditional offers. Get advice on Direct Entry to Unis or Pathways to Top Unis such as Int'l Year One.  Students with final grades may also apply as Unis may have some vacancies due to Covid 19 situation

Polytechnic or Private School Diploma holders

Find out your options abroad after your completion of your Diploma. Lodge in application & receive conditional offers from UK & Australia Unis. Get your credit exemptions evaluated in advance. For NSman, secure advance offers for 2021 & beyond.

 Students completing secondary education (IP, O , GCSE, ITE, N or Sec 4) or JC1/JC2 or A level / Diploma

Interested to find out more about Pathways (Foundation or Int'l Year 1) route to World Top 100 Unis Overseas. Choose from many UK/ Australia / NZ  Uni Fdn providers offering hundred of programs and find out the difference between Overseas Pathways from local A levels & Polytechnic Options to Universities abroad.

2020 UCAS Application & Australia/NZ Unis Applications

We can assist for UCAS application / clearing for UK Unis for Sep 2020 intake and applications to Australia & NZ Unis as well for Aug / Oct 2020 intake.

Keen on Professional degrees such as Architecture, Physiotherapy, Accountancy, Engineering, Veterinary Science, Law, Medicine, Dentistry Health Science related degree and how you can benefit from a double major degree

Get all the info from E Fair

1. Universities

Chat live with staff from International Office to get 1st hand information from renown Unis overseas

2. Courses

Get information on the hundreds of courses across different levels - foundation, undergraduate & postgraduate

3. Costs & Scholarships

Get the cost and Scholarships available at different University

4. Pre departure stuff

Get Free help & Advice

Speak to our counsellors for advice on student visa, airport transfer, accommodation etc



Our Team of Senior Counselors will discuss with your options and find out suitable course / University that best suit you


Application Submission

Our Team of Senior Counselors will assist you step by step for applying Student Visa 

Student Visa

Apply for multiple institutions using a simple form. We will submit your applications promptly without charges.

Our Senior Counsellors  will recommend various study plan

for you

Book 30 mins 1 to 1 Counselling (E-Meet) session with

Our Senior Experienced Counsellors 


Australia, UK, New Zealand

English & Chinese

> 5 years of experience


UK, Australia, USA

English & Bahasa Melayu

> 5 years of experience

 Australia, New Zealand & UK

English & Bahasa Indonesia

> 5 years of experience


UK, Australia, Switzerland

English & Chinese



UK & Australia

English & Chinese


UK, Australia, USA, Canada

English & Bahasa Indonesia

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